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At the funeral, a car comes out of nowhere and starts shooting everyone. Paul and Pru return fire and kill the shooter, who turns out to be Vivian's first husband, a mafia boss named Monty Alban. He was Mr. Thursday, the man Pru was sent to uncover. He and Vivian had planned to kill off the Widmores one by one to get at their money.

It turns out that Zander was not such a "bad twin" after all, just misunderstood. Manny suspected the elder Widmore had been planning to leave all his money to him as the eldest born twin, by a matter of minutes , according to Scottish tradition. Manny was wrong, and the inheritance was to be split with the exception of a small portion going to Vivian.

However, Zander had planned to invest his money in the pearl farm with the profits going to the indigenous Australians who ran it and donate the rest of his inheritance to a Cuban medical relief aid. By liquidating his stock in the family company, Zander would have left the Widmore family with not enough control of their company, and Cliff would have lost his position as CEO.

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This had made him a target for his Cliff. In the end, Vivian goes to jail for her plotting, and Paul and Pru end up together. These significant characters are so far only known to exist within the fiction of the book see crossovers section for very minor characters that reference Lost. They may be based on other Lost -related characters, or may be completely fictional constructs. As with every island , there was something slippery and mysterious about Peconiquot.

It was connected to the larger world, but then again it wasn't. It had a logic of its own, a highly local mythology that made perfect sense within its confines yet fitted uneasily with the mind-habits of the world beyond its boundaries Year in, year out.

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Good or bad, which way am I going to go…. Zander: What if there is no purgatory… What if there is no heaven? No hell either? No afterlife at all… This is our chance to get it right. First chance, last chance, only chance.

To be fair. To be kind. The payoff is peace of mind. When Sawyer tried to postpone Jack's demand for the stolen guns "Cool your damn jets and walk around the coconut trees; I've got, like, 10 pages left" , Jack burned the pages that would have revealed the ending " Two for the Road ". Jack had no way of knowing whether the manuscript had been published or whether its author had been killed. The note from the editors indicated that the author was lost when Oceanic Flight crashed in September However, page of the book details the main character learning of the cessation of Scottish feudalism on 28 November the factual, real-world date.

This is however only an apparent anachronism, since the "appointed day" for the end of feudalism had been set well in advance, in see page 2 of linked PDF. The entry is linked to a press release, whose contents are below:. For over thirty years, the Hanso Foundation has stood for compassion and innovation, but today, our reputation has been attacked in the novel "Bad Twin", written by Gary Troup and published by Hyperion books. Throughout the pages of "Bad Twin", readers have found numerous passages featuring misinformation about the Hanso Foundation and its partners.

The Hanso Foundation strongly objects to the book "Bad Twin", and encourages readers to make up their own minds. The truth about the Hanso Foundation is available at www. A photocopied image with an identical message appears on letyourcompassguideyou. A letter later linked during the Lost Experience also implied that the Hanso Foundation were planning to sue Hyperion books for printing the novel. The letter can be viewed here. He quoted a series of numbers, which turned out to be page numbers from the Bad Twin novel.

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I devoured this in one sitting and might have gnawed a nail or two off from all the excitement. More, please! An action-packed, emotionally charged, plot-twisting adventure.

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This dystopian has plenty of potential for gripping sequels. Late developments hold great promise for more excitement and drama in the third episode. The strengths of this series are in the dystopian world and survival aspects.

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An unflinchingly bloody tale of the Wild West… Thoroughly engrossing. Refreshingly believable. A story of grit, love, and deadly revenge that climbs off the page and into your heart— saddle up for a thrilling, harrowing ride! Bowman paints a thrilling, vivid picture of Arizona, and Kate is a heroine to be reckoned with.

Erin Bowman has woven a world as convincing as it is gripping. Everything I want in a wild west adventure—gunfights, robberies, train jobs, blackmail, stagecoach chases, outlaws, Nellie Bly references—and so much more. Twisting, thrilling, and a wild ride from start to finish.

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