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The second period of the Omens—political and economic failures due to international psychology.

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The first period of constructiveness—the enlightened reign of the Heavenly Emperor in the world, governmental order marked by monism of the religious cult and of the affairs of state. This will be a hegemony of Light over the world, dispensed by the Heavenly Emperor through the establishment of inviolable institutions of power, which by that time will be in effect.

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This enlightened reign will be expressed by a special term. The second period of constructiveness—the coming of divinely inspired rulers, representatives of science, technology, etc. At present, according to the members of this society, the world is in the second of the stages mentioned above.

The prophets of this movement speak of the new world as the kingdom of Spirit, through direct communion of men with gods. This, they say, will be an earthly life without disease and hardships; life illumined by the light of Truth, Goodness, Beauty, Joy, and Love; life directed by the Heavenly Emperor on the principle of justice. In all this, the most remarkable thing is that this Great Plan was, they say, conceived many thousands of years ago and the Central World Encampment of the Great Gods upon the Sacred Mountain, where gods gather together, and its earthly projection is the mountain of this holy vicinity.

So you can see how a great thought is refracted by all nations, and inevitably each one of them attributes the main role to its own people and country. Do not blame T.

Gavin Callaghan

The deliberately distorted ideas regarding Russia held even today by foreigners only reveal their ignorance. For the majority of foreigners, Russia was and is a country of vandalism, all sorts of violations and license, and, above all, of profound ignorance. Even the best minds believe that Russia has not progressed very far since the times of Ivan the Terrible.

Civilization has supplanted the meaning of culture, and many do not understand that one can be a civilized savage. People forget that the accumulations of culture are gathered over centuries, whereas civilization can be established in one decade.

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It is true that there cannot be any disagreement among the Arhats, for the truth they know is the truth attainable by the spirit who has completed his self-perfectment not only for Earth but also for the highest planets of our solar system. In The Mahatma Letters to A. Only, … he will be re-born in the highest—the seventh ring of the upper planet. And so I shall finish this letter rejoicing at the Immeasurable and Unutterable Grandeur.

It is most essential to point out the difference between mediumship, psychism and true spiritual development. Much harm has been done by books about all kinds of Hatha Yoga exercises. What ignorance is displayed in thinking that the highest and subtlest can be achieved by purely mechanical methods! You are quite right when you say that people, in striving for spiritual development which to them so often means the achievement of psychic powers , forget that without active service to the General Good this development will be one-sided and unstable.

Our inner fires are kindled only through contact with people. Only thus can we test ourselves; only thus shall we be able to sharpen and temper the blade of our spirit. Undoubtedly, certain isolation and periodic retreat is essential for the restoration of our forces. However, constant seclusion will never provide that tension of our forces which alone can bring their refinement. Many statements in the Teaching confirm this.

Therefore, in the new evolution the former artificial methods must be abandoned. We are absolutely averse to monasteries, for they are the antithesis of life. Thus, if we study the lives of the Great Teachers of humanity, we shall discover that none of them shut themselves off from life, but poured all their forces, spiritual and physical, into the service of the General Good.

Thus, in everything let us follow these great examples in a lofty attainment of self-renunciation. The crown of self-renunciation is glorious!

William Wirt, Sketches of the Life and Character of Patrick Henry

We can only be enraptured by their radiance. Let us remember that They, and also the Lord Maitreya, came from Venus at the dawn of the formation of physical man, therefore They are our Divine Forefathers and Masters. Now, about St. His books are a strange mixture of fragments of truth with errors.

Certainly, to those unacquainted with Eastern thought, and who are approaching the Teaching of Living Ethics for the first time, one must give only as much as their consciousness is ready to assimilate. Disillusioning people or shattering their point of view is only permissible when great caution is used. We can do it gradually by suggesting fragments of new thought, by a gradual process of broadening the consciousness; but it is dangerous to make a too abrupt break. To be sure, for some people books like the novels of Kryjanovsky or the fantasies of St.

Only strong spirits, unattached to earthly things, are able to face the truth in all its superterrestrial beauty. But it is inadmissible to open the eyes by force. And now something else. Suggestion, if applied with force for the purpose of gain, is not only interference in karma but is plainly criminal.

Whereas if we inspire and call forth lofty thoughts in man and his finer essence, or if we can restrain him from vice, such action is, of course, benevolent. If, while doing good, we take a certain part of karma upon ourselves, such karma surely does not encumber our spiritual progress. Only the Arhat knows where and when he must not help; as for ourselves, we should stretch forth a helping hand whenever our heart tells us to do so.

While doing this, however, we must always remember the law of commensurability and goal-fitness, also, that spiritual help is the highest. There are some people who think they should give everything away, thereby making themselves dependent upon others! Madness doth so remain.

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Thus, if we refuse to help, we might thereby increase the interest on our debt with accumulating interest. Will this not be an act of the greatest egoism or selfhood?


But of course one must learn to discriminate at the same time, since often one may help the undeserving and refuse the one truly in need. Here, as well, the heart is the only judge. Thus, if the help required is within our power, we should render it. Precisely, thought and inner motives weave our aura, which is a magnetic field that either attracts or repels possibilities.

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  • Indeed, thought-motive—this decisive factor of our karma—is often overlooked by those who discuss karma. But were it otherwise, it would be impossible to break the magic circle of causes and effects. For all is karma and all is held by karma. However, when we finish one round of karma for a certain cycle, we start a new round on other planes and worlds, and so unto Infinity.

    When the conclusion of karma is spoken of, it means that karma is ended only for a certain cycle or planet, etc. Such a spirit, depending upon his mission, either stays in the higher spheres around Earth or leaves for the higher worlds. Thus, thought is the primary cause and the crown of all creation. Thoughts rule the world, consequently they rule karma. Do not be unhappy because of the necessity for spending so much time earning your living. We must all earn our bread. Indeed, all should be accomplished without retiring from life and by earthly hands and feet.

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    • Therein lies great beauty. Is labor performed in comfort and prosperity of great value? And do we ever hear much about such labor? No, all the giants of thought created amidst most trying circumstances. The work performed in ease and affluence cannot bring about the necessary tension of all the centers.