Manual PTSD: The Ageless Disorder

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Sarbanes U. According to Lee, those documents indicated that more African Americans in Vietnam were placed in combat positions because officials argued that Blacks were more suitable for frontline combat "because of their surroundings and the environment they grew up in. Lee charges the lack of proper treatment of Black vets continues. Sidney Lee told The Final Call that they were ignored until the s, because prior to then Blacks were leading the way in combat service along with other minorities while whites went into the National Guard and Army Reserve for extra money for college.

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Now, according to Lee, reservists are going through six to eight-week courses and are put in harm's way far more often than they were in Vietnam. The change in demography of those on the frontlines has resulted into more attention to the PTSD problem, some have argued. He said when white and Black soldiers return home they have difficulty adjusting to the society they knew so well before.

They find that there are few that can understand what they went through, few with whom they can discuss it. He added that sometimes it can be a stigma to talk about such problems and that complaints of PTSD often go on military records and that can damage careers.

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In some cases they may return home to marital infidelity, and financial difficulties. In some cases they may have applied for benefits they are not receiving. Black women in combat zones have higher rates of PTSD, he said.

Doctor's Diary: How an intensive care stay can lead to PTSD

He said sometimes they have been victims of assaults that are never reported. Initially the former soldiers may take refuge in drugs of choice, some which may be given out for pain. At some point it becomes just easier to commit suicide.

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He said after what they've been through, "It's really not that big a thing. It's a constant thought. No one understands you. Would he put his faith in the country he had fought so long and hard for or would he put his faith in death? He decided to take the leap. Unlike many other vets he survived. But, he finally got treatment.


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