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Sewing is creative. Even mistakes can be used as a lesson. Happy Sewing. PS find a friend that might have some knowledge of the skill. Internet has the answers too! I am going to try to really emphasize not getting frustrated and quitting. Just going slowly and not expecting perfection right away.

I, like many others, received a new machine for Christmas. I am thrilled to begin sewing again.

This machine has embroidery capabilities as well. Thank you for your sewing series; I am thrilled for it to begin.

You are doing a great service! Thank you! This is so great! My sister is new to sewing like BRAND new, has never even touched a needle and her mother in law got her a sewing machine for Christmas…I sent her straight to your site, and I am making her follow along step by step with your lessons, because patience in teaching sewing to newbies is not one of my better skills ;.

One thing with the winding of the bobbin…on my machine a 12 year old kenmore you pull out the hand turn wheel to stop the needle from going up and down while winding the bobbin, do newer machines not have that option? Nothing was mentioned. Tonight I was really excited to bust out this old sewing machine that I got as a hand-me-down years ago and practice threading it.

Unfortunately, I do not have the manual, and I have not had luck finding an online copy tonight. It is a Kenmore, model Do you have any resources or ideas of where to look? Are you on the facebook group? Do you want me to ask on there? I wonder if you can find a similar machine and use the manual for it?

Get to Know Your Sewing Machine: A Teacher’s Guide – Ebook

Most Kenmores probably work similarly. I am on the facebook group. Did you try there? On other idea is to go to a local sewing repair shop and I bet they could help you at least figure it out. I had to purchase my manual because I had long lost my manual.

This is the site I used.

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My amazing husband actually offered to buy me a new machine. I have no idea where the money would come from, but if I ever do buy a new one, what features would you recommend? Rachel-you can get a very good Kenmore or Brother for a pretty good price. What Janome model do you have? I have a sewing machine, but was thinking about getting a computerized one and wanted to know how you decided on the one that you did. Does that make sewing easier? Mine cost quite a bit more than that at the time I was using it for a very successful business so it was an investment but I have never regretted it.

I will say that a Kenmore can be just as great though. Sarah, you asked if a more expensive machine makes sewing easier. I have to say yes. Long story, short….. I ended up taking classes at a local Bernina dealer where you used whatever brand of machine you had. I watched those using higher end machines just breezing on thru things while I struggled with every step.

It felt like I was fighting the machine all the way. Once I tried the Bernina, I was sold.

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Everything went so much smoother. Hopefully, they are taking these lessons. Thank you so much. Thank you for sharing your advice Yvonne. I have a very nice Janome and spent too much on it embroidery on it also but I have never regretted it. I use that baby all the time and love it.

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Thanks for sending people my way too. Love it! So Happy to find your site! I remember having a big problem just trying to sew lines on material…. Any suggestions? Deanna on the Oregon Coast!

Sewing Machines for Newbies: Ultimate How-To Guide ()

I would recommend a tune up. Sometimes they just need the pros. I am going to do a post very soon on machine recommendations. Watch for that maybe next week. Just wanted to say thanks so much for your learn to sew tutorials. Hi Amber.

My sewing machine is a very basic Brother not sure which model and only does a few variations on zigzag and straight stitches. Will this be enough for the series? How do I do a satin stitch with this machine? Yes, those are really the only 2 stitches you need. To do a satin stitch you just need to set your zig zag stitch to sew so that the stitches are very close together. After I stitched the back of the cloth looks like bunch of spool of thread be is straight stitch or zigzag any recommendation?

I dont really know about sewing, just trying to learn how to sew! Appreciate sharing your experience. Thank you!! Something is probably off with your tension. It can help to put one color of thread in the top and a different color in the bobbin so you can tell which is the one causing the problem. Just discovered this blog.

Hopefully this will help me learn how to use it. I know this was a posted awhile ago, but I am so glad you are keeping it up. My 9 almost 10 year old daughter has been begging me to teach her how to sew with the machine. We will both be using your site as I never really learned, just always winged it!

Looking forward to your lessons and some bonding with my girl! Thanks again! Any advice or suggestions? Just do what I did with the learn to sew lessons…. I have Janome sewing machine and it is similar to your friend machine. I will be sticker here :]. It should be a little lever that you pull down on near your needle. There is a little hook that goes through the eye of the needle then you pull your thread through the hook and release the lever and it threads. Do you know of any website for troubleshooting?

I have had problems with mine before and just googled the problem and found help. Have you tried that? The feed dogs are down. There is a switch somewhere that will put them up.