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In this paper I will explore the actors, targets and acts concerning violence against enemy landscapes together with the use of landscape elements as metaphors for the violent treatments of enemies during the New Kingdom. The study shows that there are differences in representations of treatments of Syro-Palestinian and Nubian landscapes, which could be related to the reality of war itself, as monumental enemy fortresses did not exist in Upper Nubia, at least not on the same scale as in Syria-Palestine.

This real difference went hand in hand with the ancient Egyptian construction of the Other as unsettled.

An Ancient Egyptian System of Workmen’s Identity Marks

Thus, urban landscapes of Syria-Palestine are objects of violence in the visual record where they are reduced to unsettled landscapes through destruction and desolation. It is also shown that this reality of war is additionally framed through Egyptian rules of decorum ascribing most of the destructions of landscape to the king and only some to the soldiers.

SR-ID: doi: Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer. Abstract Death and destruction of peoples and lands are the reality of war. Downloads Download data is not yet available. References Ahrens, A.

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Fischer-Elfert, H. Leder and B.

Publications of Ahmed Fahmy

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Selected Bibliography for Memphis

Heinz, S. From this study he was able to work out the production steps and recipe for Nekhen beer, research that sadly remains unpublished as we wait for robust radiocarbon dates — something we hope to rectify soon. In addition to the gifts he gave to us of expertise and dedication, Ahmed is also to be thanked for bringing to us his wife Jane Smythe, who served as our illustrator and part-time potter for many years see Nekhen News Their arrival at Hierakonpolis was always much anticipated by the team and the Sidain family. No one would ever tell me what was so hilarious about floatation i.

Nevertheless, I think he always considered Hierakonpolis his home. He was certainly part of our family and we continue to mourn his tragic passing. Click here for CV and publications of Ahmed. He received his Bachelors Degree in Egyptology in from the University of California Berkeley, and his Masters Degree from the same university in Since that time, he has been working primarily as a surveyor in Southern California, but also as a consultant for California archaeological projects. He has also been teaching courses in archaeology and surveying at Palomar College in San Diego county.

His specialty is applying new surveying and cartographic technologies to archaeological sites. In , the Hierakonpolis expedition was one of the first projects to obtain high-resolution commercial satellite imagery and apply it to an archaeological study though with more recent applications such as Google Earth, this has become common place. In , we again used satellite imagery, this time a stereo-pair of images, to create an accurate contour map of the entire site, along with HK's sister site across the river, El Kab.

Most recently, in , Joel made a 3D scan of the fort using a High Definition Surveying laser scanner, which collected approximately one-hundred million survey points of the Fort and used the points, along with photographs, to create an accurate three-dimensional computer model of it. He is a frequent contributor to the Nekhen News with updates about his small share of the exciting work going on at Hierakonpolis. With a main research interest in pottery-making technology in the Predynastic period, Masahiro joined the Hierakonpolis Expedition in just as excavations of the pottery kilns at HK11C were beginning.

In the following season, he continued the research at HK11C and gradually revealed the well-preserved industrial complex there, which included pit-kilns for pottery, vats for brewing, and still enigmatic mudbrick structures. With archaeological data from Hierakonpolis and the materials stored at the British Museum, he carried out the petrographical and chemical analyses at Cardiff University, the results of which were bases for his doctorates, which he received from the Department of Archaeology at Waseda University in Japan.

Since Masahiro has worked on a variety of archaeological sites in Egypt. From to he was the field-director of the Dahshur North mission, during which intact tombs and coffins of Middle and New Kingdoms were discovered. Hierakonpolis is still his favorite place, and not just for the food. Grazia has recently obtained her PhD in African Studies Archaeology and Prehistory of Africa at the University of Naples "L'Orientale" in Italy , with a research project focused on the Predynastic site of Naqada and based on archaeological materials retrieved there by an Italian Expedition during the ''80s.

Her doctorate came after a period of study in Classical Humanities and Archaeology and a thesis on the development and character of early settlement and 'urbanism' in Egypt, with which she graduated at the aforementioned university in From Predynastic to Ptolemaic times, the sites of Hierakonpolis, Elkab and Edfu exerted profund political, religious and artistic influence on Ancient Egypt. For more information, click here. To read the abstracts, click here and for a flyer to share with friends and colleagues, click here. Volume 30 of Nekhen News is finally out for all those who are Friends of Nekhen.

Apologies for the technical delay, but it should now be arriving in Friends' mailboxes. Further details can be found here. Become a Friend of Nekhen. You can help make a difference and support the work of the Expedition. Text, images, media, code, and design elements in Hierakponpolis- online Copyright. Hierakonpolis City of the Hawk.

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Please consider supporting our efforts at Hierakonpolis. You are here: Home Meet the Team Team. Publications of Ahmed Fahmy. Frankfort: 3 Fahmy, A. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 87 - 8 Fahmy, A. Kew Bulletin - 12 Fahmy, A. Feddes Repertorium : 33 Abdel Ghani, M.