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Hamilton, George R. Martin and several more.

Oprah Winfrey Sued by Pastor Over ‘Greenleaf’ TV Series

He has earned a bachelor of business management from CTU, written a fantasy book, obtained his customs broker permit and began a publishing business. They came to destroy humanity. About Elmer Myers. You may also like Agriculture News Paper!! Krishi News Paper!! Krishi Goldline News ePaper!!

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Creative theft, in Hollywood, has become a cottage industry. Their lives all center around the mega-church activities and people affiliated with the church in one aspect or another. For being such a larger than life figure, Oprah Winfrey has gravitated as an actress toward playing more modest women of an ordinary stature. Winfrey is so celebrated as a media personality, she doesn't often get the credit for her versatility, strength and naturalism on screen.

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That might be in part because, outside of some TV movies for Oxygen and animated voice work, she's limited her projects and only acted in a handful of notable films. Here's how they stack up from worst to best. In this forgettable adaptation of an otherwise powerful novel by Richard Wright, Winfrey plays the mother to Bigger Thomas. She goes from stern and strong-willed as she urges her son to find work to warm and desperate once she's pleading for her son's life.

Blood and Shadows (Audiobook) by Dayne Edmondson | taupratchorepers.ga

This is an early performance for Winfrey, and she'd find more presence in better projects later. Winfrey never plays herself in the movies. And yet in Disney's "A Wrinkle in Time," she's literally larger than life, appearing as a giant in the sky dressed in chain mail and a massive blonde pillow of hair spewing Oprah-isms.

But Ava DuVernay doesn't cast her to play a charismatic goddess. This one is pure nightmare fodder. Brilliant, but not one for the faint-hearted. When she moves away from London to a tiny country cottage, Norah Anna Cropper expected the change to be a bit strange, but nowhere near as weird as it ultimately turns out to be.

Maika Monroe plays a young woman haunted by a shape-shifting spectre after a sexual encounter who slowly but relentlessly trails her everywhere - the film plays with the audience expertly, making us guess whether background characters could really be the monster. Ultra modern and highly effective, this one will leave you jumping at shadows long after the credits roll. Vincent Price plays the Satanic Prince Prospero, who rules over his village with an iron fist, condemning people to death for the mildest offence and abducting any woman who takes his fancy, but all of his evils come back to haunt him when he throws a masked ball and Death shows up.

Suspend your disbelief and let it freak you out. Eleven years ago, Alan Rory Cochrane bought an antique mirror… and then died, along with his wife. According to the police, they were murdered by their year-old son. According to their daughter, the mirror is haunted, and something supernatural caused their deaths. Now Tim Brenton Thwaites is out of prison, Kaylie Karen Gillan wants to prove he was innocent by conducting an experiment on the mirror… But inadvertently puts both of them in danger all over again.

The way director Mike Flanagan plays with reality, building unbearable uncertainty through camera angles and false memories, makes this film both incredibly scary and impossibly sad. The Amityville Horror is the haunted house story.

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If you were only ever going to watch one haunted house movie, it should be this one, because this is the archetypal story: a family moves into a house where horrible murders happened, and then bad things happen to them. If you were only ever going to watch two haunted house movies, the second one should definitely be The Conjuring.

The camerawork, the music, the cute kids stuck in the middle of epic spiritual warfare… it all adds up to a completely terrifying experience. Following the tragic demise of his wife and son, Dr Russell moves into a rambling Victorian mansion to compose music and pick up the pieces of his life. The eerie soundtrack and skilful storytelling result in a film which peels back its mysterious layers slowly for a satisfying finish.

Tree surgeon Adam and his family move into an ancient farmhouse to start sizing up the land for developers and quickly fall afoul of the supernatural creatures lurking in the trees, which turns out to be a really bad idea. A couple of Londoners holidaying in Cornwall stumble across a gorgeous abandoned house on the seafront and immediately decide they want to buy it. The owner, a grumpy old colonel, is happy to sell it to them on the spot, but his granddaughter is reluctant.

Turns out the house has got secrets, and, yeah, a ghost. Best enjoyed with a glass of sherry. Not to be confused with the remake of or the new Netflix series this retro gem not only features some classic sequences of spooky happenings, but a philosophical take on the paranormal. Dr Markway Richard Johnson is investigating the mysterious Hill House, whose inhabitants often die in odd circumstances. You should be innocent and receptive.

This is a great, character-driven story with a dry sense of humour, and a mysterious heroine who feels oddly at home with the supernatural. Abrasive, aggressive and deliberately difficult, this is the kind of film that burrows deep into your brain, only to resurface later at the worst possible time. Jane Natthaweeranuch Thongmee is driving back from a wedding with her boyfriend Tun Ananda Everingham when she hits a girl — in a panic, they leave the body lying in the road and try to get on with their lives. Where would horror films be without photographic dark rooms?

Even in the digital age, the dim red light and slowly emerging pictures remain classic tools of terror. This story has it all. There are also touches of dark humour throughout the praying mantis is a recurring motif and one of the most bone-chilling scenes has a hilarious payoff. Directors Banjong Pisanthanakun and Parkpoom Wongpoom skilfully create real characters and have the ability to communicate some of the most powerful and eloquent moments without dialogue.

The mystery deepens as more sinister evidence comes to light and the climax is truly chilling. This is one which will stay with you long after Halloween. A cautionary tale about the dangers of cyberbullying, Unfriended achieves the seemingly impossible and manages to make the standard sound effects of everyday computer programs terrifying.

The Merrye children live out in the middle of nowhere, with only one another and their family chauffeur, Bruno Lon Chaney Jr for company. Robert Zemeckis directs Michelle Pfieffer and Harrison Ford in this glossy supernatural thriller, with predictably high quality results. Zemeckis has admitted that this is his homage to Hitchcock, and true to form, the suspense builds deliciously slowly. When Claire starts seeing faces in the bathtub where else? Oliver is initially patient but eventually finds himself falling for his much more reasonable colleague, Alice.

Cat People is sad as well as eerie, with an increasingly paranoid atmosphere enhanced by skilful shadow play.

  • Oprah Winfrey Sued by Pastor Over 'Greenleaf' TV Series.
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Five years after her daughter Angela went missing, presumed dead, Claudia starts getting weird phone calls. A female voice claims to be Angela, and begs her mother to save her. A series of weird clues leads Claudia to investigate a weird cult… but when things slot into place too easily, it seems like someone might be luring her into a trap. The Harrington family are driving home for Christmas when they decide to take a shortcut. Obviously, that turns out to be a bad idea.

Picking up a mysterious hitchhiker is an even worse idea. And creepy, of course. Every ghost story introduces an element of uncertainty: are these things really happening, or are they in your head? Grace Nicole Kidman has turned being neurotic into a fulltime job; her children apparently suffer from a sensitivity to light, which means the gothic mansion they inhabit must be swathed in thick curtains at all times.

This makes things difficult for the new servants, who have turned up in a most mysterious manner A piano playing by itself, shaking chandeliers and some truly traumatic hallucinations add to the panic as Grace questions exactly who she is sharing her home with. The tension builds to almost unbearable heights before a truly haunting ending. An intelligent script with a superb twist, quality acting and an atmospheric set complete with graveyards, mist and autumn leaves — what more could you want in a creepy movie?

Well, that, and the fact that no one realised getting bitten by a ghoul would lead to death and reincarnation. The zombie imagery is some of the most haunting ever committed to film, as vacant-eyed ghouls wander in and out of the shadows, chewing on dismembered body parts as they lurch around, constantly in search of fresh meat…. Say his name five times into a mirror and the Candyman appears. Set in an urban tower block, this film demonstrates that horror can strike anywhere, not just in spooky old mansions in the middle of the countryside.

A child murderer is stalking the streets of Berlin and, as the police seem unable to catch him, tensions run high. Most of the film is improvised; the actors are really filming the scenes themselves, working from a loose outline of the plot, but without prior knowledge of what half the scares were going to be. What follows is the story of a mother who takes the search for her son to the limits of her sanity.

It's a bona fide horror film but the ending might make you cry.