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That would lead to issues he'd really hope to avoid. Hinata landed on the ground next to him, he Byakugan active and her eyes looking about warily. Several deadly seals around the broken weapon over the fireplace mantle.

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No guards, seals or traps around his jutsu library," she finished, looking pointedly at Naruto who nodded in acknowledgment. Our mission is to get as much of his collection as we can. Naruto continued to explain to Hinata as he moved over to the bookshelf against the wall, making sure to stay to the side with jutsu scrolls. I've got something in here, also! Naruto palmed his face and groaned into his hand.

It really was expected, after all. If we run through from this side, we should make it out just before we get attacked again. Beside him, Hinata dry-heaved. Shuddering in disgust, she activated her Byakugan and looked about.


Naruto entered the room slowly as both girls took either side of the doorway and worked their way outwards. As he got to the television, he noticed a tape half way into the VCR unit. Looking at the title, he saw 'Anko torturing Kurenai — 1hr, 27 min'. Not remembering anything about this from his 'past', and knowing that both women considered each other close friends, he snatched the tape out and looked at another tape next to the TV, seeing 'Anko and Kurenai — Dirty Esc — 2hr, 12 min'.

Frowning, Naruto put all of the tapes into a box on the floor filled with many others, but some on the top with different names and sealed it into the scroll next to the bookshelf. Hinata-chan and I are going to have to go over these and make sure he hasn't been using his Sharingan to make them hurt each other. Hinata knew him well enough to ask questions later, but Ino would cause trouble where the two women in question may be brought into it and there was no telling what they would do if it was found out.

At leas this way, they could make a case and bring it to the Hokage if needed. Can we get out of here now? We've got everything we can get and Kakashi should be meeting up with his team at any moment and he never stays at meetings longer than he needs to.

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Did you complete your mission? It was horrible in there! I mean, look at Naruto," she said, gesturing to the blonde who was simply sitting and watching the proceedings.

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Or rather, get you out of them. After breaking into Hatake's home, we found a massive amount of mostly offensive traps set strategically and defensively. All volumes were found within a study on a single bookshelf that also held a multitude of jutsu scrolls and other miscellaneous things. Each volume was protected with an offensive seal.

I used a simple storage seal to take the entire bookshelf, with the intention of copying all jutsu and to give ourselves as much time as needed after we were away from the scene to deal with the frightening amount of defensive measures the lonely and obviously depressed pervert took to keep his erotica safe. And since we'll either never give them back, or give them back later, we may as well make the pervert pay for them. If you desire your collection back, eat at Moriki Barbecue on Sunday for lunch and you will receive your instructions'," Naruto shrugged. The kid just set up a perfect assignment for what they were supposed to be learning from them.

We'll meet tomorrow morning at seven right here, alright? Hinata fell backwards into Naruto's couch as he walked over to the television in the corner and unsealed a large, cardboard box. Her eyes widened as she saw the title. They were best friends in the past," he scrunched up his face before backtracking, "well, our past, anyway. And we never heard about this, so I thought we should look through the tapes and see if we can build a case to take to Jiji if we have to. Kurenai was all but a mother to her the first time through in her life and Anko, while not nearly as close, was around quite often when Hinata would stay at Kurenai's an extra day or two after long missions or after late training nights until Kurenai had started to see Asuma romantically just because Kurenai didn't want Hinata at the Hyuuga residence any more than Hinata wanted to be there.

I don't think these are what we think they-" She was cut off by a sudden scream of pain from the now-working television and the sound of Anko's commanding voice.

Kurenai, who was on her knees and tied to the center of a room by a rope and collar around her neck, did as she was told and moaned through a red, rubber ball gag in her mouth. Hinata, her mouth wide open moved over closer to where he was standing and stared blankly at what she was seeing. The two Genin stood in morbid fascination for the next half hour as they watched one of their sensei's torture and force the other into pleasing her before the two women eventually stopped, kissed and made up, and then left the room, both giggling like Sasuke's fangirls.

They watched the empty room on screen for several minutes before they saw Kakashi enter through a window with a canvas sack over his shoulder and take down the camera, watching the door suspiciously the entire time. He had the case from , when she was found, until he retired from the force. Later, as an investigator for the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, he kept up with it. His name and contact information are still on a website dedicated to the girl. Does Chad Plummer Johnson represent an official name change?

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John Stone,. Pananda DonnaRae Kohlman. A Teaching Discourse from the Inter-dimensional Light Network: A collection of 15 booklets with metaphysical information brought to us by the spiritual realm. More than people were detained.

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