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The Boston Globe building has become a de facto home for June over her two months as a self-contained prisoner.

In flashbacks, however, we learn that June was warned that the country was going down the drain. Her mother Holly Cherry Jones, American icon , a doctor at an abortion clinic, was the sort of feminist that more laissez-faire feminists fantasize about becoming. She took a bottle to the face from furious protesters. She brought a young June to a Take Back the Night rally, where women tossed papers scribbled with the names of their rapists into a blaze. She surrounded and supported and encouraged women.

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Except her daughter, that is. She must have figured, like most of us do, that women being spit on and derided and made to feel like lesser humans is just part of the way this world works. Later, at the Red Center, in a presentation on how pollution destroyed the planet and human fertility, a photo of a woman laboring on a farm flashes on the screen. Back in real time, the same trucker who deposited June at the Globe is back to retrieve and move her — this time to a dilapidated barn of sorts.

Another member of Mayday shows up to take her to an airstrip near Worcester, from which a black-market dealer will fly her up to Canada and drop her off. Understandably, he heads for the truck and tries to leave June behind. Is he stupid or brave?

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Probably a little bit of both. The Econowives cook, clean, and shop for their families. The first child June has probably seen up close or interacted with in a long time. First, because no unusual movements go unnoticed in their neighborhood. Second, because Heather has been brainwashed into looking down upon the Handmaids — women she might have known or befriended in pre-Gilead life — as cold and uncaring.

June is left in their apartment while Omar and Heather attend church. The world around June is totally washed of color and personality. When a trade delegation from Mexico comes to Gilead, Offred discovers several shocking secrets. S1, Ep7. What happened to Luke after he was separated from June and his daughter Hannah. He tries surviving the harsh, new world alone so he can find them again.

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S1, Ep8. While his wife is away, Commander Waterford takes Offred on an excursion outside the walls of Gilead to a den of iniquity where she finds a familiar face. S1, Ep9. June is tasked with going back to Jezebels to find a package. Meanwhile in Gilead, Janine has trouble relinquishing her newborn baby.

PDF A Couple of Fair-e-Tales

S1, Ep Serena Joy confronts Offred and the Commander. Offred struggles with a complicated, life-changing revelation. The Handmaids face a brutal decision.

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